Chix Pix! Day Old Babies!!!


12 Years
Apr 25, 2007
Southern Maine
Our chicks were shipped yesterday afternoon from Ohio. The PO distribution center just called and they have arrived! Yay, that was quick! Since the facility is "closed" (no pulic allowed) I thought they were going to put them on a truck to another facility where I could pick them up.... but the man said he is going to drive them over to my house in his warm car instead! (I live very near the distribution center). I can't wait!

Olivia was begging to stay home from school for their arrival, but she'll just have to wait...

We're splitting the order with another local family, so after I get them warmed up and make sure all are OK I'll pre-heat my car and take their chicks over to them.

So exciting!

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Yeah, isn't it ridiculous how excited we get? I was dancing around the house after the called and I just KNEW you folks would understand!
Can't wait until we see pictures!! I've had many, many chick orders and am always thrilled when the PO calls with my little peeps! Nothing gets me out of bed at 6 in the morning like a call from the PO!!
I am waiting! Mine shipped from Ohio yesterday too. Tracking # shows they went through Philly processing center at 7:30am this morning.

Talked to the PO around 8:30. They didnt have them and said the will not get another delivery until tomorrow early AM!

Where are these chicks going to spend the night? In a truck somewhere??? Low tonight around 40 degrees. high today around 52.

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