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  1. Orps, Marans, Layer, Ameraucana -EE, Muscovy 4 Sale - Crocker 65452
    NPIP & AI Clean - just retested 7/10.
    2 Adult trio Muscovy Ducks. Last year hatch. Proven breeders. Excellent skeeter eaters. Muscovy don't quack. Perch like a chicken. Don't require a pond, a tub or kiddie pool is sufficient. Less greasy than other breeds of ducks, thier meat is veal like in texture and considered a delicacy. Seasonal layers. Selectively bred for broad breasted utility. Out of over a hundred grown out every year only a handful are selected for next season's breeders. White head, pied, Wild color pair + black and white hen- produce a wide range of colored ducklings $60 Trio. Chocolate pair + buff - rarer color as chocolate is sex link and chocolate males are very rare. $75Trio.
    3 Tolbunt/GL Polish chicks - pen contains 2 tolbunt cockerels, 1 smooth, 1 frizzle and 2 gold lace split to tolbunt pullets. Have been getting lots of frizzles so frizzle boy is dominant. $75/3
    5 Jubile English Orp chicks - Straight run - Excellent lines. [email protected], 3/$110, 5/$170
    Choc cuckoo English Orp cockerel - Excellent lines $75 ready to rock and roll. Just have more boys than I need. Could possibly pair up with a mauve or choc girl for additional.
    Black Frizzled Orp Juvi cockerel - Split for choc. Frizzle to frizzle breeding a no-no. Frizzle bred to regular for 50% frizzled. Half his daughters will be choc and half sons split to choc. Bred to blue can get choc and mauves. Bred to splash all choc will be mauves. $50
    Black Cuckoo Frizzled Orp Juvie cockerel - I am seeing 2 red feathers so there is bleed to be worked on. $45
    Really nice black split to Mottle/Spangle 5 mo old cockerel. EXCELLENT lines. Not a thing wrong with him just more boys of same breeding than I need. $60 .
    2 Mottled English Orp Project splits. HUGE cockerels, do have the jubilee bleed yet but otherwise gorgeous boys. May possibly also be split to chocolate. $25
    Crele pullet. Great lines. Bit on the smaller size, she is low girl on the pecking order and young so she might do better in another flock and get more size to her.
    Laying. Rode hard in pic but a nice girl all the same. I've offspring and siblings and bringing up more for the pen so it would be better for her to go into a smaller home. $100
    Chocolate Imported English Orpington Cockerel - pet quality. Gorgeous rich color, fluffy lil gent but but has 2 small rear sprigs on his comb that I don't want in show quality birds. $20 makes him your fabulous yard ornament and he will give you chocolate pullets in your layer flock.
    Marans - Backwards trio of French Black Copper Marans $90. Pair $75. FBCM roo $20. All black good quality marans roo $25 . Straight run FBCM well started chicks 3/$35.
    MaranXCochin cross layer hen & 3 chicks $25 , two older chicks look to be both pullets $5 each.
    Non-Standard color Ameraucana Cockerels - juviniles. Create your own flock of colorful blue and green egg laying Easter Eggers. $10
    I'm still sorting through a lot of Silkied Feather Ameraucana choc/mauve project split well started chicks and juvies yet. Putting together a number of starter groups for people wanting to come on board or expand what they have but I can get a couple more set up if there's interest.
    Ayam Cemani/Fibro project cockerel - 10 mo old. Comb & wattles mulberry Earlobes white, color leakage, some gray in mouth in toungue, no white feathers, toes or nails. Skin is dark. This is an A/C cull - should NOT be used in an AC breeding program but if you've got an FM project you want to play with he'd be great for that. $60 obo.
    Pickups preferred right now with the heat but arrangements can be made for delayed shipping.


    Mix and Match - Limited Quantities. Price is per egg. Buy 6+ 1 extra. Buy 12+ 2 extra. Minimum 6 eggs or chicks per order but you can mix and match from any breed/variety available. Chicks, Juveniles and Adults may be available - ask! Eggs will be collected no more than 3-4 days before shipping and sent priority mail, double boxed, individually bubble wrapped.
    - Shipping & Handling $15 (6 -9 eggs) $20 (10 - 18) Express available for additional expense and all birds are required to be shipped express.

    1) B/B/S/Sex-Linked Chocolate/Mauve Silkied Ameraucana PROJECT. PREORDERS being taken.

    There has been some 10 years invested in this project, this is my third. Finally, I have a breeding pen containing both full Mauve/Choc cockerels and hens. Most of the breeders being used will be split to silkied - the full silkied birds are still delicate and effort is being applied to improve hardiness with infusions of fresh genetics -by bringing in another straight BBS silkied line. In addition, silkied birds will be outcrossed to hard feather top SQ Ameracauna and (late this year) with hard feather chocolate Ameracauna . Your order will be filled equally from all breeding pens producing to provide genetic diversity in your hatch. The girls are starting to lay so reserve your place NOW!

    Silkied Ameracauna were a natural spontaneous occurrence that surfaced from a pure bred BBS LF pair hatched in Texas in 2010. No silkies were crossed in for this to happen. There has never been black skin, feathered legs nor 5 toes. As with many breeds, Chocolate English Orpingtons were used to introduce the sex-linked chocolate genes several generations ago. Other than color and the feather type, these birds are being bred to Ameracauna standards. Silkied and Chocolate are both recessive traits. Working with double recessive, this project has taken years in the making, especially with the sex link factor of the chocolate. Mauve is chocolate expressed with blue and looks like chocolate milk. These large fowl bearded and muffed fluff balls produce blue/blue green eggs.

    Split to split silkied breedings should statistically produce 25% silkied, 25% non-silkied and 50% split for silkied.
    These groups can produce chocolate, mauve and mauve splash males and females, as well as blue, black, splash.
    BBS males may be split to chocolate and carry the chocolate gene. Please note that while statistically your eggs should produce choc/mauve and silkied chicks - there is no hatch guarantee. With eggs you do have exactly the same odds as I do however.
    Day old BBS chicks will be offered, silkied (or split/not silkied) can't be determined until they start feathering and males may or may not be choc splits.

    Eggs $10 each
    BBS day old chicks $20 each
    BBS Juvenile (non-silkied or split silkied) $50 pair
    Price on silkied and or choc/mauve YTBD and subject to availability - Reservations on waiting list can be made.

    2) Lavender Silkied Ameraucana PROJECT. Not Yet Available - Reservations being taken.

    Test hatchings underway and the majority of splits, silkieds and lavender will be retained for next season's planed release. I've brought in Top SQ line Lavenders to breed to black silkied for splits to add to the splits currently breeding. Luck of the hatch with splits producing both lavender and silkied in a single bird and those birds reproducing. Those with reservations will obviously have first preference for availability when I'm satisfied with what I have growing out or when splits are available.

    Prices YTBD.

    3)Konza Prarie Rangers Project- The Perfect Homesteader Flock - Check for availability/Reserve yours now!
    Another breeding group from ChooksChicks/BeakHouse projects.
    To quote"The project consists of Partridge Chantecler, Australian Coronation/Light Sussex, Plymouth Rock, Orpington and Cornish lines".

    Rapid growth, good layers, excellent foragers, small cushion combs. Big meaty roos grow quickly tho not as quickly as the Cornish X's but without
    the health issues. The smaller hens eat less and first year pullets typically lay pink with white flecked eggs 5 days out of 7. These are a work in progress and a single comb may pop up yet, but they all ready have a great fan base. Color is not fixed yet but predominantly white with black markings like a Delaware or occasionally with black lacing on the breast. Red is also somewhat common.

    Maximum: 9 (12 possible but cannot be guaranteed)

    Eggs $10 each
    Straight run day old chicks $20 each
    Juvenile $50 pair $80 Trio - Subject to Availability

    4) Polish Tolbunt - Check for availability/Reserve yours now!
    A spectacular pair of flashy crazy top Tolbunt cockerels, one Frizzled one straight over an unrelated pair of Gold Lace/Tolbunt split hens. Genetic diversity, gorgeous good looks and high fertility all in one package! Eggs will be available once fertility has been confirmed and chicks available shortly there after.

    Maximum: 6 eggs per order

    Eggs $10 each
    Straight run day old chicks $30 each.
    Juvinile Pairs price YTBD and subject to availabitlity

    5) Orpingtons!!!!!! I’ve Collected several top lines for each varieity for genetic diversity, selected the best as they’ve grown out and will be offering CHICKS ONLY from following varieties this year. Bear with me as I’m working on price list as well as securing NPIP this spring. Inquireies and reservations are being accepted now.

    Chocolate Cuckoo
    Columbian (Red or White)
    Frizzled (BBS,Lav&Choc Splits)
    Gold Lace
    Red Cuckoo
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  2. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Ameraucana Project

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Konza Project

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Wheaten Sulmtalers

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    Mar 4, 2013
    Knoxville Tn
    I have some of these ameraucana eggs about to go into lockdown. Out of the 7 eggs shipped to me, 5 made it to lockdown!! Best percentage I've had from shipped eggs!
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    Hi EdenCamp my computer fried and I lost all messages and cannot get them back so I am trying to get in touch with all the people I have bought eggs from and let them know my new user name is Grannychick55. It was grannychick 54 anyway I bought the Silked Ameracaunas eggs I have good veining in all but one fanstastic rate for shipped eggs keeping my fingers crossed until lockdown. The way you ship your eggs is great . I will let you know the hatch rate . I can only send 2 PM a day since I had to start all over. Should be a way to get back into my old account but I cannot figure it out. Have you heard from our friend is she alright are just overwhelmed.
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    Mar 28, 2011
    still available??
  7. Fantabulous!!!!!!!! They seem to be handling shipping well this way - that's GREAT!
    Still nothing from R. Hope she's OK.........

    The Silkieds are laying good yet.
  8. Grannychick55

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    Oct 16, 2013
    Hi how soon after they hatch can you tell if they are silked ? And the color is it apparent as soon as they dry off or does it take awhile? I am thinking I might have to have more of these beautiful birds.
  9. Some say they can tell in 5 days with their birds. I tell folks more like 2 weeks until they are feathering in well to be sure.
    If the wing feathers are coming in rounded - they'll be hard feathered. Squared could be....
    Splashes also take longer to tell color - they start light and as feathers start coming in ......
    Other wise color is pretty apparent once dried off.
  10. Grannychick55

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    Oct 16, 2013
    I cannot wait to see what I get I hope there are some silked ones they are so soft looking and maybe I will luck out and get some pretty colors. I cannot believe how good they arrived due your packing and healthy chickens. It will not be long now I will keep you updated on what I get. I have a feeling I might have to have more if they are as pretty in person as in the pics.

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