Chocolate and/or black Muscovy ducklings

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    Jan 17, 2008
    I have a late hatch clutch of 13 ducklings that I'm willing/able to part with if anyone is interested. These are solid ducklings and should be a nice large bird with proper care/nutrition carried forward. Will sell individual or in groups, will ship with buyer paying/providing an adequate USPS approved container and paying all Express shipping charges. I have experience shipping and all birds get 3 days of electrolytes prior to shipment & are shipped with shredded iceburg lettuce that has been soaked in electrolytes to provide the best environment to handle the stresses of shipping. Birds shipped to states west of Kansas, i.e. CO, NV, CA, WA, etc. are driven into CO to be shipped and require an additional $10 fuel fee. This saves the birds from having to be trucked a day east and then flown back west over the road they just traveled. Doing this puts the bird in a westward movement from the instant they're put in the box and I feel is the best way to handle them.

    I will get photos & try to get them posted. These ducklings will probably not begin to lay until late spring/early summer as they were hatched late this fall. This is the largest late-hatch I've ever had, in fact! They are not 'tame' but are very personable and meet me at the gate each day when I get home. They were started on a chick starter and recently changed over to a grain-based ration which includes BOSS and a poultry concentrate. They're feathered out all but for the wings which are now beginning to grow in.

    I may not be able to ship next week because I might be out of town but will try to get birds shipped before the Christmas rush gets too frenetic. Otherwise, I'll wait until after the beginning of the year and offer them again. Not sure exactly on the drake/duck numbers, there are 13 in all, two of which are black. All others are chocolates. There are at least 4 drakes, one of which is black. I'm fairly certain I can pick out the gender at this point.

    Email or PM for more information.

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