Chocolate and wheaten OEGB

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    I've been trying to find out more information about chocolate OEGB, but haven't had much luck. I looked on the OEGB breed page (I love "shay20's" photo with the little chick sitting in the turner with eggs that haven't hatched. Looks like she was the first one to pick her seat at the show, only to find out that she IS the show. [​IMG])

    I was wondering if someone could tell me more about chocolate OEGB. I haven't had much luck finding it on my own. Are they a variety, or are they not showable quite yet? We got a trio at an auction, love them and would like to produce more and possibly show them. I realize that any roos would need dubbed first, but wanted to check on showing that color first.


    ALSO, would this be considered a wheaten? I had crossed my Ginger Red roo and my BB red hen and the girls all looked like this and the boys looked differently-it was easy to sex them right away. They do have some dark spots on their bodies, but in general, would you call it a wheaten color?


    Thanks for the help!
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    Ok, chocolate is not a recognized color, they have been around in small numbers for years, they are simply a diluted black, much like a blue old english, and they breed like the blues....if you breed chocolate to chocolate you will get :

    Choc x Choc = 50% Choc, 25% khaki (sport), 25% black
    Khaki x Black = 100% choc
    Khaki x Choc = 50% Choc, 50% khaki
    Khaki x Khaki = 100% Khaki
    Choc x Black = 50% Choc, 50% Black

    the problem most people are runnin into with the chocolates is red/brass leaking through the hackles, saddles of the cockbirds, you will have to wait til the males are at least a year old to see whether they will have the brass or not....using birchen based blacks over khaki should help with that....chocolates are made using fawn duckwings crossed with blacks...

    now, those are not wheaton hens nor will they breed like a wheaton, they are simply a crossbred old english....
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    the "wheaten" hens look like they are columbian-restricted (additional Co/? in genotype), like a buff columbian or a gold blacktail.

    Fawn silver duckwing:
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    i have a wheaten, and the hen looks like a wheaten, but i dont think its a wheaten

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