Chocolate Orpington Bantam Chicks! Ship Date 8/26 NPIP & Vaccinated for Mareks

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    Apr 12, 2011
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    I have some Chocolate Orpington Bantams hatching on 8/19. They will be vaccinated and ready to go for shipment 8/26. The chicks are $20/each and shipping is available for $45 in an approved poultry shipper via USPS Express! VERY Fertile and laying like crazy (Sacre Lines). You will fall in love with this breed. They are SO sweet, gentle, soft and Eye Candy for your coop! This isn't a micro bantam breed. This breed is a medium bantam breed and can even be housed with your standards!

    We also have additional chicks available to ship with the Choc Orps for no additional shipping charges - they are healthy and robust! NPIP & AI Monitored vaccinated for Mareks! Numbers and breeds subject to change daily/hourly! They sell quickly. They are being sold as straight run/unsexed unless indicated at $10/each unless indicated below. Additional pictures and breed information can be found on our website.

    8/13 7 Welsummers, 2 Lavendar Orpingtons, 6 Blue Copper Marans

    8/7 5 Blue Wyandottes, 1 Buff Brahma Bantam, 6 Blue Orpingtons, 3 Mottled Cochin Bantams,

    7/31 2 Mottled Cochin Bantams, 1 Cream Legbar Cockerel

    7/21 4 French Black Copper Marans, 9 Welsummers, 2 Partridge Wyandotte Bantams

    7/6 2 Welsummers

    7/1 2 Chocolate Orpington Bantams $18/each, 2 White Marans

    6/24 Trio Silver Penciled Rocks $50

    I also have some nice quality roosters Black and Blue Ameraucanas, Partridge Wyandotte Bantams, Splash Marans, Cream Legbar, Marraduna Basque, Swedish Flower Hens, Light Sussex etc $10/e

    We are a small family owned farm in NE Ohio that focuses on rare and heritage poultry. We purchased only the best of the best stock from around the country. We have many different breeds available. We don't sell run of the mill chickens that you can pickup at TSC. These are rare and heritage breeds that will lay great for you and be eye candy for your coop!

    We also offer Hatching Eggs! We accept PayPal. Check out our website at Check out our FB page at: and you can find us on Backyard Chickens of course :)

    Jill Besida
    Sunnyside Up Micro-Farm
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    Aug 17, 2013
    Do you still have the lavender orpingtons?
  3. Chicks4MyFamily

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    Apr 12, 2011
    Valley City, OH
    I have 2 Lavendar Orpingtons from 8/13 and I think a couple more scheduled to hatch on Mon. I sold the older ones. Minimum to ship in state of Ohio is 6 chicks

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