Chocolate Silkie hatching eggs for sale!

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    Up for sale are Chocolate Silkie hatching eggs from my project pen! I started with a Chocolate Serama frizzle rooster over my Black Silkie hens. Still got a ways to go though. I am having 100% fertility here but can not guarantee hatch rates due to shipping. I have a Chocolate split rooster over Chocolate hens. I am located about an hour north of Pittsburgh, PA - USA. Pick up is welcome or can ship. 1/2 dozen is $60 shipped. 1 dozen is $110 shipped. Payment MUST be made immediately! I will ship Mon-Thurs and always send fresh eggs.

    Pictures of parents are posted first. The last 4 pictures are offspring from this pen. 3 of my pullets and a cockerel. They are an example of what you can hatch!
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