ChocolateMouse made a believer out of me!

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    Oct 13, 2014
    As my introduction to these forums I made a post called "First Hatching Disaster". In that thread I talked about the horrible way I received some eggs off ebay. The way they were packaged seemed to leave a lot to be desired:


    Consequently I only successfully hatched two chicks from 23 eggs. [​IMG]

    I decided to try again and since there are not any places local to get the kind of eggs I wanted I tried an ebayer again. I bought 7+ Buff Os and received 9 in the mail. Two of these were broken. Bubble wrap used this time but eggs not packed well and broken eggs clearly the fault of the sender:



    I had already ordered 9 easter egger eggs from a person here at backyard chickens and so now I'm thinking, "You just can't order eggs through the mail because they will always come scrambled and broken.
    I was wrong. ChocolateMouse, more power to you friend, there is a lot to be said for dealing with someone that knows what they are doing! Lookie here Lookie here! Every egg arrived perfect!:


    These guys are resting up til tomorrow and then will hit the incubator. Thanks backyard chickens!

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