Cholest Off Anyone tried it?

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    Anyone tried it?

    I was unable to take any more statin drugs due to chronic muscle pains, kidney and liver pain associated with it and my family physician suggested I should try Cholest Off and see how it goes. Along with fish oil and my HBP medications.

    I started day one, as prescribed. I was so sick. I thought it was too much, so I cut the Cholest Off pill by half, and fish oil pills once a day (at supper). I was ok but during the night, stomach pains and restless sleep (like my statin drugs had the same effect). Felt bloated and felt like I drank salt water all the time. Maybe I am not drinking enough water, since I can get thru the day with four cups of water when I am not doing anything major, mostly sitting doing crafts and reading.

    By day four, I'm cramping up and sore, like the statin drug, headaches and loose stools. I'm tolerating it but I don't see any bad side effects for just being on this new pills on a few days. I am assuming my body is having to get used to it or it is rebelling it. I want to give it some time that statin drugs would be effective. Not sure if fish oil pills can cause loose stools. Or just happens when something else is causing it. Been down with sinus drainage/ infection on top of it as well. Biggest thing is the muscle pain.

    Anyone tried it? How did you like it?

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