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    Nov 28, 2010
    Wagga Wagga, AUS

    My chookin 'Arnie' doesnt look very well today. She hasnt eaten a thing in about 10 hours. All she wants to do is sort of ' squat/stand' in a shady spot or most of the time she's doing the same thing right next to the water bowl. She's drinking HEAPS but will not eat anything.

    At first I tried to give her some oily bread with vitamins, but wouldn't eat it. Then I decided to add vitamins to the water. She drank it then.

    Next I put wormer in the water bowl for all the chooks to have a drink at, and arnie drank at this all day, and pretty much didnt move from the bowl.

    After a while we thought she may be egg bound, had a check... but not knowing much about this we didnt find any difference between her or the other chooks. She was pooping out alot of water with white and yellowy textures. After I saw this I thought she might have a broken egg inside. I got my boyfriend to have a look and when he went outside she'd laid an egg in the spot she'd be standing at all day!

    So good news she's not egg bound/ broken egg inside.

    Bad news is, still not eating and just not lively like she always is... With all this info.. is there any ideas out there what could be wrong?



    PS. The other chook that was sick a few weeks ago came right after a few days, still didnt know what was wrong with her... Arnie seems the same in posture and livelyness.. only she wont eat, the other chook did.

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    There's a sticky at the beginning of the emergencies section that gives a bunch of questions for you to answer. For example, her age would be useful, as well as feed, and any possibility of moldy or bad feed, and what all the symptoms of the other sick bird were, and whether you wormed then, and what wormer you used.
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    Nov 28, 2010
    Wagga Wagga, AUS
    Arnie was 10.5months old, she and all the other chooks ate layer pellets and regular vege's. The other sick chook who came well just crouched/sat but she's happily eat and drink. They had already been wormed before and i used a liquid poultry wormer that gets mixed into their water.

    Arnie Died in my arms this morning [​IMG]

    She was only hanging about the water bowl again and then eventually layed down, I picked her up to comfort her and then yellow stuff (bile?) came from her mouth. Then I layed her down, my boyfriend came out as she started to have a fit. So he helped her pass.

    I burried her next the the roosters and planted purple flowers on top. Our current rooster seems upset, he crows when ever a hen is missing.. so now he's crowing alot and also making strange croaky bawks... its so sad.

    My boyfriend thought she may have gotten sick from eaten a spider. Although she regularly eats them off the fence, this one was a bit different, but from what we know, spiders dont harm chooks. I can't think of anything bad she may have eaten otherwise.

    DO any of the symptoms present a possible disease? Should i start worrying about the other chooks aswell?

    R.I.P my dear Arnie.
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    I'm so sorry you lost her.

    My first thought from your last description is sour crop.

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