Chooks Attacked!


5 Years
My chickens were attacked by a fox! I imagine that the rooster must have jumped down from his high perch to save his flock which must have been successful because all the chickens survived! but one duck wasn't so lucky R.I.P. my rooster is now bleeding from the neck and part of his comb is missing! Will he be alright?


5 Years
May 19, 2014
First thing you need to do is separate him from the rest of the flock if you haven't already. Look at the wounds closely. How deep are they? Are they puncture wounds or scratches? Next, evaluate his behavior. Can he stand? Is he crouched down and puffed up? Also listen to his breathing. Is it making gurgle sounds? What you want to do after you evaluate, it clean the wounds. Rinse them with warm water (NOTE: don't rinse if the breathing is gurgling otherwise you may fill the lunges with water!) use a clean soft towel to gently pat the wounds dry. Use a separate towel and pour peroxide on the towel. Dab it on the wounds to kill bacteria. Next, use a first aid antibiotic ointment such as neosporine and gently rub it on the area. Leave him in a warm area overnight, with food and water. If he survives the night, in the morning put blue kote on the comb and neck. Re evaluate. If he has not improved within 3 days, he will most likely not survive. Good luck!

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