Choosing a Scovy drake - what do YOU look for?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by keeperofthehearth, Aug 13, 2010.

  1. It's that time again and I've gotten it down to 3 drakes for next year but need to make it two. I'm keeping a big blue barred boy and need to rehome one of my 2 Chocloate whitehead boys, Dash & Dutch. I'm not talking SQ here but PQ as well as just a good all around Scovy drake. What are the qualities you look for when you can only keep a drake or two through the winter for next years breeders?

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    First of all, I look for size...the bigger the better. Good, stout, strong legs, and a good long body. Good caruncling, not overdone, as you want them to be able to see well. Then I look for personality. Don't want a drake whois nasty to the other birds, or people, of course. Last, but also important to me is color. Choose a color that pleases you, and will give ducklings the colors you want. Basically the bird you would buy if you were looking at your flock.
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  5. TKS guys! Well, Dutch fits all of them except for the poss. of sturdy legs. They seem pretty stout and I've seen drakes legs thicken up as they reach 1yr old but he has a bit of a wobble in them at times. Don't know if it's just a growth thing or not.
    His sibling, Dash, has never had that problem but is a smaller drake, not much more than 1.5 times larger than the girls & is a flier. He got his name because he "dashes" to his favorite snack dish in the a.m. [​IMG] , dashes over to each water bowl I empty to see if there is a worm underneath and dashes and jumps into his favorite pools. He also has matured sexually quicker than the other boys, is more aggressive and is making it known that HE is now top Drake. [​IMG] He is more aggressive towards the ducklings which has me a bit concerned since they all freerange together. I wonder if "grounding" him will take him down a notch. Hmmm

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