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    Sep 16, 2011

    i am new here and it looks like this is the one and only place for people interested in this subject. first of all i would like to introduce myself, i am from the small mediterrenean island called MALTA, i am in the process to make a styrofoam incubator using proper incubator heatin element(200watts) but i need to get the best digital theromstat that is available, i wish to have a constant temperature, not like the cheap ones found on ebay selling for 20 sterling..... i just baught an automatic egg turner and a digital thermometer/ hydrometer.

    will await your reply guys,

    david from hot and sunny malta ;-)
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    Wow malta. What is the Language Maltaneans speak. Sorry, I don't really know if your Maltanean or not, I just made it up. I will try to help with the thermostat problem though.
    I know your are in Malta, but you could try getting your hands on a wafer thermostat. I am in The U.S. and the wafer thermostat is a preferred thermostat In the U.S. I think. You should try getting it, but if you are really interested in getting something digital, I would go to the search bar customized for the backyardchickens website, and type in digital thermostat, that should lead you some where.
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    I have found most of my answers here too! I used the WHT and it has some limitations so go for the wafer design if that works for you.
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    Sep 16, 2011
    thanks for reply, once i had a wafer thermostat and i didnt like it alot since the temp was never accurate....... So we are called Maltese and we speak our own language with is Maltese aswell...;-)
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