Chris Kimball and my father-in-law, my heroes

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    Well if you haven't figured it out from the title I decided to make a whizzbang chicken plucker, that is where Chris Kimball comes in. I must say the man is a genius, how he came up with it I will never know, but I am glad he did. I had plans on making a plucker since last year and never got around to it, and 50 birds was doable by hand. However demand has gone up for the birds so I ordered 100 cornish cross, which came in the 12th of May. I decided I would make the plucker this year since I was not going to pluck all those birds by hand. This is where my FIL comes in. The week before I was to butcher 30 game hens I started the plucker, but I was only able to work on it one day, since I got stuck working 12 hour days the rest of the week. However, my FIL kept going and was able to complete it on Fathers day, for which he has my undying gratitude, while the wife and I were at a livestock buy/sell/trade.
    So on Monday morning I got everything set up and started. The first two went into the scalder, then into the plucker. After a 30 second ride I stopped it and looked in with amazement. They were clean, not a feather on them. I was used to spending five minutes plucking them by hand and then another five just getting out the pin feathers, now it was a matter of only 30 seconds in the plucker for what used to take ten. So I repeated the process with the same result. This was such a pleasure compared to doing it by hand and so much more efficient. When all was said and done I had all 30 plucked, eviscerated and chilled in four hours, by myself. So many thanks to Mr. Kimball and my FIL.

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