Christiansburg, VA: seeking support for backyard chickens!


5 Years
Sep 24, 2014
Hello, fellow fanciers of fine feathered floppers!

I have recently moved within the city limits of Christiansburg, VA. Not long after we got here, I began hatching a plan to get the local laws changed regarding backyard chickens. Currently, Christiansburg doesn't allow for a single bird. I did some light digging and found the last opportunity to change the law was back in 2011, when a very reasonable "six chickens, no roosters, need a permit" style ordinance was proposed. There was concern about lot sizes, noise, and predation. All but ONE councilor voted against any chickens whatsoever, with another councilor even stating that people who want to farm should live in the country! My friends, this will not fly!

If you know anyone who lives in the town of Christiansburg who would like access to fresh eggs (who wouldn't?), clean meat (who wouldn't?), and the pleasure of knowing exactly where those products came from (again, who wouldn't?), please weigh in! If you like chickens as companions, think they're pretty awesome in the garden, or even just enjoy caring for an interesting and not-so-common animal, sign up! Consider this forum a place to gather support and plan a course of action. These days, support for home grown food is gaining serious traction all over the nation. I believe if we can get even a dozen folks to bring their voices to bear, we just might have a shot at getting our local officials on board.

Thank you for reading my post, and if you or anyone you know has successfully gained the right to keep chickens in their municipality, feel free to offer tips. Also, if anyone else has attempted this in Christiansburg in the past, please let me know where I can find their work!

M. Landrum, a.k.a. CburgChick

Christiansburg archives on 2011 hearing:
Signal Mountain, TN, chicken ordinance (the one I'm most familiar with):

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