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  1. We never really had any real decorations for Christmas. This year I think Im going to do things differently since Jay will be 5 right after Xmas. I don't have ornaments, well maybe just 5 and hubby and I are talking about cutting a small tree from the woods to use this year. Im thinking it's time for the kids to start making the house pretty! After weekend after Thanksgiving weekend (1st week of December) we are going to have an ART and CRAFT party!
    Kids are going to be making decorations for the whole house. Im also thinking about crucheting some snow flakes, snow mans, and stuff like that for ornaments but not sure how, I know basic crucheting. Anyone know any patterns or "HOW TO" for cruchetting flat ornament figures, please let me know.
    As for craft for the kids...Any ideas of what I can do?
    On Wednesday, December 1st, Im going to go shopping for craft supplies.
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    That sounds like a really fun project to do with the family. [​IMG] I always loved my kids decorations the best. Actually, there is nothing better! Enjoy!! They stay little for such a very short time. [​IMG]
  3. Anyone know how to make those Cookie Ornaments? The ones that I can bake and let the kids paint with water colors afterwards?
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    Cinnamon dough ornaments...

    Get a big giant tub of cinnamon (the cheapie stuff) and applesauce (really trust me here). Mix the cinnamon and applesauce together about 50/50 (I start with about a cup of each), you're looking for the texture of playdoh, mix and knead till you get there.

    Let the kids roll out the shapes and use a cookie cutter (poke the pencil holes in to hang), volia ornaments and air fresheners in one.

    (the dough'll air dry in about 2 days)
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    I suggest making a red and green paper chain as a garland for the tree or an archway.

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