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    Every year we make a christmas list,write names and put them in a hat.then each of us pulls one name and buys one item for that particular person and noone else.Saves time and money,especially in these tuff money times.

    Here is my list:

    Here is my Christmas list:
    1. Cordless dremel w/all the rotary bits
    2. Rotary tool combo kit for a cordless drill
    3. Cordless Jig Saw
    4. Ho Chi Minh Sandals
    5. Navy Pea Coat
    6. Good pair of rubber boots ( not for chicken legged people)
    7. Amish fur felt black hat
    8. A hydraulic watch
    9. Pirate ship gear clock ( looks like an anchor) or a propeller clock (looks like boat propeller)
    10. Two hub kits for my boat

    Try to guess what I need most,not what I want most.

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    What you need most? The boots, of course!
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    Sep 14, 2008
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    I'd say the coat..
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    Two hub kits for my boat

  6. Aperick

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    Nov 9, 2011
    Cordless Jig Saw? [​IMG]
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