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    So my Mom is a young 55... She just lent us a pile of money. That we are paying back monthly. What can I get her? Usually, I can find stuff she like. But feel so guilty for borrowing money. Feel like she will be upset at me for spending money on her. (She's not rich, but comfortable... ) don't want her to be mad, cause I spent money on her, but don't want her to be left out. Cause she helped us..

    What to do? What would you do?

    Thank-you for your ideas..
    When she lent us the money, she said.. She's been there, done that. Is just so happy she was able to help us. Her and my father went bankrupt. And she wishes someone couldve helped her.. So she's happy to help us, but..

    I still want to do something for her.. That is guilt free on both sides> Ideas please
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    What about making a calendar that has pics of you and your family? If you don't have Walgreens in Canada, is there an equivalent? There are several online places but you may be running out of time to get it before Christmas now. If you go to the Walgreens website, you can upload the photos, arrange them, add in personalized dates (birthdays/anniversaries), then order it to your local store.

    Or what about baked goods? A variety of cookies, brownies etc.
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    I make a picture book for mom each year that has a ton of the year's pictures in it. It is chock full of her grandkids and some of her kids. She LOVES it. It takes some time, but isn't terribly expensive. She says that it is priceless.
    Perhaps something similar? I do mine at and it is easy peasy to do.
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    i say definately make her something. do you sew? i just made a pile of cloth shopping bags and would say it is somenting that everyone can use [​IMG]
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    Thanks everyone for the ideas. My eldest sis, does a calander and a book for my Mom. So I can't do that idea..

    I don't sew yet.. Just got a sewing machine for dd5, I intend to use it a bit [​IMG]

    Was talking to one of my sisters this am, she said that my Mom, said she would like something hand made from us.. Kind've short notice.. Here lol, Were having Christmas on Saterday here. And am leaving my house at 7am. To go there..

    But, I have a searving platter, that is just plane white.. Gonna get the kids to put hand prints and foot prints on it..

    And also have kids make picture frames out've popsicle sticks! Should be great! I hope!

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