Christmas Season

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    They full of wonderful smells like gingerbread, glazed candied apples, roasted apples, roasted cinnamon nuts, mulled wine, and warm apple cider. A mix of smells you will never forget once you have encountered it. It is heavenly.

    Oh my, I do miss the Christmas markets. I have a few very special ornaments from Nuremburg (sp?)
    The smells, the sounds, the people.
    It was wonderful, like a dream.
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    Nov 7, 2007
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    Sounds awesome, I wish it was like that here, way to commercial! I hate that Christmas is jammed down our throats before Halloween is over!
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    I enjoyed reading about that. Thank you for taking the time to write it down!
    I think I have always wanted-deep down in my heart- a day for eating nothing but jelly doughnuts.
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    Thanks for posting this. Its nice to hear how other people from all walks of life do things defferently round the world. I bought a book years ago how people celebrated christmas from round the world, also Saint days, Halloween, or devils day i think some places call it, and if I remember rightly how the Mexicans go to the graves of their loved ones to celebrate Halloween...someone correct me if Im wrong there please.
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    Do you guys do the christmas pickle thing too? (the ornament on the tree that you have to take turns trying to find)
  7. Miss Lydia

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    That was a really great story, We need to remember to make Christmas special for our families and not get caught up in the commercialism.
  8. aduckstolemyheart

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    Mar 23, 2010
    Wow, I would love to visit Germany at Christmas time. [​IMG] My family has a lot of German roots, in fact their last name is Wilhite. I have always wanted to explore my roots more, and Germany has always interested me.

    Thanks for sharing, you've made me want to visit that much more!
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    Thanks for sharing your Germany Christmas memories Katharina. Your story brought back my favorite childhood memories of Christmas in Germany as well.
  10. verity

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    Sep 8, 2008
    Your memories of Christmas in Germany are wonderful --- thank you for sharing!

    Our daughter, Liza, and her family lived in Germany twice -- the absolutely loved it -- her husband is Special Forces helicopter pilot and was often deployed while they were stationed in Germany --
    Liza has always refused to live on an Army base -- in Germany she chose to live in a tiny village -- made lots of friends there -- they still keep in touch --

    She loved the German Christmas but Easter was her favorite -- :)

    When I visited there she and I walked to the corner bakery to buy such fabulous pastries for breakfast -- good times!

    Your memories of Christmas in Germany made me stop to remember my Christmases as a child in Georgia -- a 'deep South' Christmas was also special --

    I hope Christmas 2010 will be a wonderful one for all of the BYC members!

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