Christmas traditions with chickens


Aug 13, 2017
What are you guys doing for the holidays with your chooks? Last year I bought mine a flock block and this year I think I'm going to get them a bag of freeze dried mealworms. Also tomorrow I'm going to use a recipe for a salt dough ornament I'm going to have my trick hen who is basically my best friend put her footprint on (I'll make sure she doesn't eat it!) So I can put her name on that with her footprint and hang it on the tree. I also want to take her inside to get a picture of her and I in front of the Christmas tree! I always think it would be funny if I had a picture taken of her and Santa...anyone done this?


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My farm animals always get snacks on holidays.

I mean like, they don't understand what a holiday is. But they understand that they're getting something fun and different and that's always nice.

My rabbits especially get toys on Yule. They always have hanging wood blocks and boxes to hide in 24/7. So they get simple things that they can rip apart that are hard to keep in their cages long-term. I like to tie some brown packing paper around a carrot and greens for them so they chew through the packing paper and get a carrot.

For the chickens, we try to pick up discarded decoration pumpkins from the neighborhood (especially whole ones) and they get one on the fall/winter holidays. The whole ones keep all winter long. That way they have fresh hard veggies, stringy squishy bits, and seeds all in one. Plus it's healthy. This year we have a big one we found on the curb that has a dumb spook face sharpied onto it! XD

All the critters also get some greens because they are cheap. It's easy to tie up a bundle of curly kale in a coop or distribute a bundle across the rabbit cages.

Sometimes we do extra like sprout sunflower and thistle seeds for them. Or make a flock block.

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We have taken our girls to a professional photographer, just not Santa.


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