christmas tree lites in the hen house?


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May 21, 2008
ok , this is really stupid but a friend told me if i hang tree lites in the hen house this winter when there closed in for the season { the ones that blink] on during the day and off at nite, it has a calming effect on them, { less likely to peck and fight and other bad chicken behavors] maybe it hipnotizes them? chicken zombies? i dought that anyone here has tryed this , OR HAVE YOU? what color works best and does a slow twinkle or a fast twinkle work better? if i do this i may put curtains on the windows so people driving by wont think i completely lost it, but maybe its to late for that.


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11 Years
Jul 11, 2008
hmmmm, I wanna know to !!!!! What a cool idea.... It would light up my coop a little (so dark in there)

I would guess as long as the chickens cant get to them to peck them, they would be fine !!! I wouldn't leave them on all night only b/c chickens need dark/sleep time also !!!!

AWSOME IDEA !!!!!!!!!!!!
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