Christmas Village, Christmas tree and various decorations trade for Chicken pen & accessories

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  1. want to trade for chicken pens and/or accessories.
    Will trade total village for a 5X15 or 10X10 chain link
    large lighted-decorated artificial Tree
    Snoopy and Woodstalk large ice skating motionette
    outside light projectors

    list of village houses (retail value)
    Crane's Country Crockery Santa's workshop ($24.99)
    Yuletide Treasures Shoppe
    Lemax for club members only The Chocolate Truffle Santas Workshop ($24.99)
    Lemax white tipped Shimmering Spruce ($19.99)
    Lemax Village Vail Porcelain Lighthouse
    Lemax Gift Shop Caddington Village ($24.99)
    Trim a Home Plogmann's Tavern
    Walmart Super Center ($14.88)
    Lemax Village Landscape Bears at Play ($12.99)
    3 Lemax Gazebos
    Lemax Silo Village Collection ($9.99)
    Santa's Workshop Fancy Fiddle Music Shop ($24.99)
    Lemax Village Cecil's Cider Mill ($14.99)
    Lemax Caddingtn Village MacEvoy's Piano Shop ($24.99)
    Lemax Village Collection Clock Tower ($19.99)
    Santa's Workshop The Flowering Pot Shop ($29.99)
    Lemax Village Sandy's Sweet Shop
    Village Company gate with bush
    Lemax Village Farmer's Market ($24.99)
    Lemax Caddington Village Chet's Carpentry ($24.99)
    Lemax Village Derby Square Inn Bed and Breakfast ($19.99)
    Lemax Village Church ($19.99)
    Lemax Village Bridge ($12.99)
    Lemax Village Sunny Shanty ($9.99)
    Santa's Workbench The Terrace Tea Room ($29.99)
    2 Lemax shimmering Hedgerows
    Lemax Village Collection Bakers Mill ($19.99)
    Santa's workbench Sweet Stuff Bakery ($24.99)
    30+ various villagers
  2. My other half deals with that and is at work today. I will let her know you are interested.

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