Christmas Wish List for the Kids....

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  1. I don't know about y'all, but I have some extra stuff (toys clothes) around the house, just looking for a good home. I know that times are tight, here on BYC too, and thought maybe we could do a little swap sort of deal, where you post 3 items that you have to trade, and 3 items you want, and then we sort of adopt each other....

    I have a beautiful blue coat/bibs (snowpants) set size 2T, a red baby-bag (snowsuit with legs but no arms, that you can put the baby in a stroller, or a backpack, and they stay warm), and a tiny pair of snowboots that would fit a 1 year old, i think they're a 4 or 5... I'll check. These are all GOOD brands, like LL Bean and Kamik, and are very lightly used.

    I want 3 good kid books, good condition, the kind of stories that will be remembered by my children forever... examples of books that we already love- Alexander and the magical Mouse, The borrowers, the Church Mouse, the Crocodile in the tree...
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    What a neat idea! I don't have one quite that little, but I'll see what I have that he doesn't need/won't use [​IMG]
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    That's a good idea. Mine is too old but I have some things around I'll keep on eye out for people looking for things. What age group are you looking for your books in?
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    I'll be watching this... [​IMG]
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    I love the idea and will be looking out too [​IMG]

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