Chronic Cocci treatment?

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    I have a rooster that has been treated with Corid x 5 days on 4 separate occasions since November last year. He has also been treated with Sulfa TMS x 7 days on two separate occasions since February. His last treatment was a combination of Corid x 4 days immediately followed by Sulfa TMS x 4 days. That appeared to do the trick and his symptoms disappeared. He had fecal checks twice which did show positive but I didn't check him after the last treatment as he was symptom free (that was several months ago) Just a week ago I had him tested again to just put my mind at ease and sure enough he still has it :( Does anyone know of a treatment that might work? For the most part he's acting normal although I find he's not eating as much as I feel he should be. I'm open to suggestions! I am in Canada if that helps with medication availability.
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    Here's the deal. Coccidia is everywhere. There is no way to ever have a bird be completely clear of it. It's a naturally occurring protozoa that lives in the soil. Chickens build up a resistance to the coccidia strains they are exposed to, so it is always present in their guts. ALWAYS. As long as he is healthy, eating and drinking, there is no reason to keep treating him.

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