Chronic diarrhea

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  1. Tracyree

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    May 6, 2011
    A few of my hens have had diarrhea on and off since October. They always have poo stuck to the feathers under their vents. Any idea what's going on with them and how to solve? They will be a year old June 1
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    Mar 15, 2012
    What do you feed them? sometimes tablescraps can cause this especially if they eat to much fruit. Another possiblity is coccidiosis, is the diarrhea bloody? The water they drink could also be having this effect or they could possibly have a vitamin deficiency. Have you given them any antibiotics recently, the antibiotics may have destroyed the normal flora in the chickens' intestines and caused the diarrhea, a similar thing can happen in humans it's called c-diff. as for soultion you can try either one of these
    1. Give the chickens some plain yogurt about a tablespoon a piece for 4 days [ this might work if you've given them antibiotics or they have some kind of bacterial infection in their gastrointestinal system]

    2. you can try give them some rice water [ boil about 3 cups of rice in 10 cups water, cool , and serve about 1/8 per hen] this is a general solution for firming up a lot of different types of diarrhea.

    3. it's also possible your chickens have worms which can sometimes cause diarrhea, are they thin and scruffy looking? [ if so you can buy some commericial wormer or try given them a tablespoon of applecider vinegar in every gallon of water]
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    Trim the fluff and feathers with scissors around and below their vents. Check the same area for lice/mites. Worming is a good idea. ACV isnt a wormer. I recommend safeguard or valbazen for worming.

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