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    Sep 21, 2008
    I live in Southeast Alabama. I have 25 Chukars, 6 weeks old and 25 incubated eggs ready to hatch in 2-3 days. I have more Coturnix Quail than I can handle and want to keep them. What would be a good price to sell the Chukars for?

    I look forward to your suggestions.
  2. I got all different prices over the last couple months for my chukar chicks.
    The most I got was 10$ ea with a 10 chick minimum.
    Then it got to the point where I needed space and less birds, so I was getting 3-4$.

    I havent really been trying to sell my latest and last batch yet, but did off 20 4-day-olds for 150$.

    Get as much as you can for them, but be prepared to have to "sell" them and know when to negotiate.

    I found that alot of people want adult chukar and not chicks, so thats why Im not trying to sell this batch so much, and see what I can get for adults in the fall.

    ETA- all on craigslist . . .
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