Ciao from Italy


7 Years
Nov 8, 2012
Italy - Genoa
Hello all!

I'm from Italy and I'm new in the chickens world!

I have bought seven copper-black Marans (six hen and one rooster) 4 months ago, and I still waiting the first egg :)
Ciao, from Australia,be patient they will lay and then you will be trying to unload eggs on your family and friends. I remember checking the nest boxes 2-3 a day waiting , waiting...................
Now I have so many eggs that I scramble them and feed them back to the chickens. They love them!
Greetings, errogt, and
! Happy you joined us! I'm sure those eggs will start coming any day now! Good luck to you!
from Upstate New York! so glad to have you here! I was fortunate to travel to Italy last year, it was so wonderful, I didn't want to leave! I am eagerly looking forward to returning as soon as possible and travelling more extensively throughout the country...
Thanks you all!

Mi chicken are around 7/8 months old but I never see eggs, maybe it's too cold now... I tried to threaten to put them in the pot but they do not believe me...

Australia is amazing, I been there last December for my honeymoon.

I'm glad to read that you like Italy! I Hope to visit USA soon, in particular
Australia is a great place to live, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. We have friends in Italy they too had their honeymoon here. Come spring you will have lots of eggs, just keep the feed up to them

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