Citrus, Low PH, ACV

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  1. was wondering why not citrus, found that it is too acidy and hard on our chickens? , but i guess ACV IS acidy too but in smaller amounts? which then led me to the fact that our water is acidic. probably around 6.0 tops on the PH scale. I have to add baking soda to the fish pond to raise the ph, what about my chicks? what is safe not safe for them in water quality?

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    Not, not, not an expert here, but our chickens love grapefruit from our tree. We have two adults and nine babies and everyone loves the citrus. The adults are laying now and seem healthy and happy. The babies are growing very fast. Of course, they get their balanced feed and all of the bugs they can find, so they don't only eat grapefruit.
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    While I haven't fed it, I know several people that do without any problems.
  4. thanks for the reply

    good to know...

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