City Admin in My State Railroads Through Hasty Anti-Chicken Ordinance

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    Jan 27, 2010
    "The Schrammie" is a tongue-in-cheek "award" for the most idiotic piece of news of the day in the Seattle area. A supposedly well-educated city administrator has gone ballistic over three hens:

    So why did the chicken really cross the road?

    Why to avoid being politically fricasseed of course!

    So if Clyde Hill City Administrator Mitch Wassermann would quit clucking around for a moment, I'd like him to come on down.

    Mister Mitch got his feathers all ruffled over the fact that Linda Boyd and her family, who live in the bucolic community of Clyde Hill, have been harboring something fowl in their backyard for about a year.


    Yes, scratching and pecking on their parcel of property is a trio of hens that the city of Clyde Hill says are roosting illegally.

    Linda and her family were told the chickens had to go, and Clyde Hill hastily passed an anti-chicken ordinance to make its point -- and even threatened a fine of $250 a day if the hens were not dispatched with haste.

    Linda and her family have done what any good Clyde Hill resident would do: They've hired an attorney.

    As for Mr. Mitch, he continues to play the fox in the hen house, insisting the newly "clarified" Clyde Hill ordinance means the chickens must fly the coop.

    So... for being a bully and a political bantamweight, Mitch Wassermann should do the chicken dance and then take a bow, because this "Schrammie" is for you.

    Yay, Linda, you go, girl! Hope your lawyer makes as big a fool out of your nemesis as he has made of himself. [​IMG]
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    If the ordinance came AFTER the chickens, they have a good chance of being exempt frm it.

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