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    People who live in the city usually don't realize the wildlife that lives around them - because they usually come out at night.
    My roosters live in the city, but a more rural area, there are several fields and wooded lots in the area, some unkept, some with horses, etc. Besides some houses, a power substation, the RR tracks, and the sewer plant [​IMG] are also in the general area.
    Anyway, I typically go water the roos at night while they are on their roost, so they don't try to escape and they always wake up to fresh water. I have also found that around midnight is a good time to check the livetrap, seems most of the raccoons have been caught between dusk and midnight.

    So out I go tonight.

    When I get to the neighborhood I almost hit a Golden Retreiver who trotted out from a wooded area across to a house with his prize kill, looked like a field mouse. While I don't approve of letting your dogs run loose, seeing him doing his natrual thing kinda made me smile. I wish my dogs were a bit more useful when it comes to rodent/predator removal. Slackers.
    Then further down the road standing in one of the horse fields I saw a doe peeping out at me above some brush [​IMG]
    When I got to my roosters, there was a possum in the trap. I don't view them as horrible predators so long as the pen is fairly secure they won't hurt my roos. I suspect he has been taking the bodies of the birds that the raccoons got before I finished my dig-resisting skirt. I thanked him for his services and released him.
    On the return trip I did see one ugly raccoon inbetween where I saw the dog and the deer. It ran off the road into the brush. Darnit! I suspect he'll end up in my trap some day [​IMG]

    One short trip, we're talkin a 3-5 minute drive, and I see all kinds of animals doin their things [​IMG] For the most part it just made me happy (it's just unfortunate that raccoons have such a ferocious taste for chicken)
    I'm also surprised by the number of bugs that I saw crawling around on the ground out there in the glow of my Maglight. You'd think with all the chickens they would have at least made a dent in the populations [​IMG] I guess they come out at night because of the extreme heat during the day.

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    I always thought the gazillion rabbits in town were the funniest thing. For as skittish as they are, you'd think they'd migrate away from people, not right into the neighborhoods (with all the cats to stalk them!) [​IMG]
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    May 25, 2008
    Thanks for sharing a taste of your eve. Made a very enjoyable read!
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    Oct 10, 2008
    Quote:I agree
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    Me too!
  6. My sister lives in a very residential area outside her city. She was surprised to find a bear in her backyard! It's amazing how many critters are in the city! We have ALLOT here, we are in a very wooded area, not many houses etc. We have seen SO MANY DEER (they eat my plants) racoons, possums, cayote, mice, rats, moles (They dig up my yard [​IMG] ) fisher cats, bob cats, And we have also seen a mountain lion..... Is it really a good idea for me to have chickens???[​IMG]
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    Oct 2, 2008
    Hawks living in the neighbors tree, an infestation of squirrels, more bird species than you can count, foxes, raccoons, skunks, deer, rabbits, mountain lions, stray cats, stray dogs, the occasional moose... suburbia isn't as tame as many believe.

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    Detroit is turning into a post-Apocalyptic microcosm and now there are grouse, pheasants, deer, coyotes and all kinds of other animals moving back into the abandoned areas.
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    I used to live in a townhouse in the middle of a surburban area. Our community was tucked up under a hill and had a small area of woods behind us. It was also about 2 minutes from a VERY busy interstate and surrounded on three sides by residential and commercial properties. You couldn't get more in the city if you tried.
    We had rabbits, skunks, chipmunks, squirrels, all manner of birds and a lovely fox family that made occasional visits. We even had an owl. I could sit on my front steps in the evening and watch and hear animals a'plenty.

    Then I moved out to the boondocks. I fully expected to be overrun with critters. Am I? Nope. Out here we have coyotes and birds. The bunnnies come out to play, but they aren't as plentiful as my old house (I'm sure because of the coyotes). I never see skunks or squirrels or chipmunks. I know there are probably foxes, but I never see or hear them. The coyotes are pretty much all I hear. It is very strange. I had a LOT more animals visible in the city. Out here I guess they are out wandering. [​IMG]
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    I haven't seen grouse or pheasants around here in a long time, people hunted them to death! I don't mind hunting, I do mind poaching, unless you are hungry, then I know nothing. It is sad what people do to a species if there are not careful!
    We do have turkeys, turkey buzzards, deer, coyote, coons, and other such vermin! An occasional bear sighting, but not to close to where I live, just in the neighboring towns. Fox, gray and red, bunnies, skunk.
    Weasels used to get our birds as a child, but haven't seen them around now, and DH saw what he thought was a mink! Bugs we have plenty, even with the chickens and ducks!
    I love my little piece of land, and long for more, but my Dad gave it to me, and I just don't have the heart to look for more! He died in 06, and it makes me feel close to him!

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