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7 Years
Aug 9, 2012
Hello from OK. My husband and I decided to get chicken about a year ago. After building the coop, we were anxious to get some chicken to live in it and enjoy our .20 acre in the middle of Tulsa. Our first 5 chicks were rhode island reds. We got them knowing that they were straight run chicks but were surprised and dissapointed to wake up to crowing one day. We are allowed 6 hens and roosters are not permitted in city needless to say it was our dumb luck or just our city slicker ignorance that we ended up with 5 roos. After some more research and a chicken swap we ended up with 2 cinnamon queen sex links and 3 rhode island red hens and have enjoyed fresh eggs for about 2 weeks now. We have learned so much already and have been immencely entertained in our short chicken raising experience and am sure that it will never dull. I have been a BYC follower for awhile and am glad to have found a place that newbies can come to learn and find people with a common interest.
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Bad Luck with the Roo's... Always seems to turn out that way!
Hi and :welcome

That's good you got some hens in the end. :lol:

I hope you find any info you need here, and enjoy the forums. :D

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