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Oct 26, 2012
Hello I was wondering if anyone herd the same report I did on the radio saying chickens in the city have been found to carry lead & in their eggs as well. I am in the city so I am concerned. Please let me know if anyone knows why this happens? Do they peck lead paint chips in the soil? How do they get to the lead? Is there a way to stop this? Is there a way to reverse it? I have children & know they are especially suseptable to lead. Any information would be greatly apreciated
There are several reasons it happens. The lead in our environment from using leaded gas still lingers along main roads. (We just had a main road ripped up in my small city. All the dirt that was removed from the site was considered toxic waste because of high levels of lead in the soil.) Then there is all the paint that was used on buildings. Those chips that ended up in the environment from improper removal are still there in and on the ground. Some factories produce lead in their waste products. The list of sources could be endless.

The only way to keep urban chickens lead-free is to keep them off the ground and caged 24/7/365. Without access to the contaminated ground they will not acquire a lead load. I suppose you could also bring in clean fill/loam/sand to top dress your yard. A few inches of clean dirt covering the whole run space should keep the birds healthy.

I hope this helps.
I'd also like to add that lead is in the water pipes and leaches into the water, along with countless other city added toxins like chlorine and fluoride.

"Many commercially bought water hoses contain dangerously high levels of lead which leech into the water flowing through them. In fact, according to Consumer Reports, water sitting in a garden hose that has been left in the sun can contain a level of lead that reaches 100 times over what is considered a safe amount.

Many garden hoses are made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) - a toxic plastic - and lead is often used as a stabilizer in PVC. The dangerous levels of lead in garden hoses could potentially cause lead poisoning, cancer, birth defects and/or reproductive harm."

Learn more:

We filter all our drinking water--for ourselves, our pets, and our chickens. No one gets water straight from the pipes. Outside, we have water filtration system. Inside we use Berkey water filter systems.
wow I could not imagine cooping the girls up 24/7 So I will have to bring in good soil/sand what ever so they can run around. Good ideas! I never thought of the polution from the roads as I was aware these affected us humans in certain ways but never thought of that one. Thx again
wow wow I can not look at the hose the same any more. All the hot sunny days as a kid I drank out of the hose.... now I have to change some things thx for the info
The report you heard was concerning the chickens in NYC... An industrial area that has been revamped so many times... The also found however that the lead in those egg was not even as high as the acceptable levels of lead in commercial candy...
WHAT!!! There is lead in candy? OH great........... note to self become completely self sufficient make own candy! No water hoses..... no piped water.... no streets... gasoline.... wow Amish folk here I come! lol Glad you herd the report too I am in the motor city so I am worried a bit by it.

Does any one know where to get a no lead water hose? I am doing aquaponics so i have am working hard on water with NO junk of any sort in it FLORI DE is not acceptable

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