City council concerned with chicken sex

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    We are working on an ordinance to allow backyard chickens (hens only, no roosters). A city council member is concerned that people will purchase chicks but wont' be able to determine the sex for a while. Thus, they could be out of compliance with city ordinance and not even know it. Plus, what do they do with the roosters they can't have. Can anyone help with an evidence-based response to the concern?
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    This is what a local city ordinance requires in our area:

    Most ordinances are against sexually mature ROOSTERS because they crow producing a noise nuisance. Little cockerals who are not crowing are not a nuisance, yet.

    The ordinance above states that you need to have a plan if one of your chicks turns out to be a rooster. The idea is so that you can take care of him before he begins to crow, typcially 10 weeks to 4 months of age. Most roosters can be determined by 10 weeks of age. Obviously if one crows, you'll need to enact your plan quickly.

    A number of feed stores will re-home roosters, so having a list of places that take roosters would be very helpful.

    What happens around here.

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