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  1. hI ANNE Just wanted to let you Cheeto is now a father. he has 7 lovely babies and one of his wives is setting so we may have more little cheeots running around. Had to cut his spurs off, he was attacting everyone but me, and I was afraid he would get katie and at 3 he could have hurt her, he's still orery(sp) but he's my ornery [​IMG] marrie
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    Whoohoo!!!!! [​IMG]
    That is so exciting! He was always really, ahem.. fertile. [​IMG] He threw a number of hefty sized babies for me, including a boy my nieces named Nugget that looked just like him. I'm so glad he is doing well!! As ornery as he was, I was quite fond of his hateful ginormous self. You'll have to post pictures of the baby Cheetos. [​IMG]

    Interesting that he doesn't attack you. Clearly he has more respect for you than for me. I think he caved when you started carting him around the yard in your arms babytalking him. HA! That is one of my all time favorite visuals. HeHe!

    I am so pleased for you and very excited about being a grandma! I have always wanted to be a grandma. [​IMG]

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