City Harassment Of Chicken Owners - If This Is Happening To You - Get Help!

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    My wife and I have had a small amount of abuse from city officials who have changed the rules in my area regarding the ownership of chickens. They claim they have made no changes to the regulations but it's clear they have, and as a result they're not grandfathering us in. We made the mistake of not getting the original rules in writing. We only confirmed them over the phone when moving in to the city as new home owners. Eventually we had to get help from the Mayor (who was sympathetic to our pleas) to remedy this problem, yet we are still challenged by it (we have to reduce our measly flock of 31 by 75%).

    But our troubles pale in comparison to what Andrew Wordes suffered. After four years of abuse he finally lost his life - all the result of standing up to the bullying of officials over his back yard chickens. Please speak out against these atrocities - and most importantly - get help if you find yourself in this situation! Get the media involved. Exposure of these crimes would have helped this poor man who mostly suffered in silence.

    Story is here:

    It's a long story, but a must read for chicken owners. Bring a box of tissues, this is the saddest story I've seen in a very long time. I wish it were fiction.

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    This is beyond tragic. Those city officials need to answer for what they did to this man. Fine example of government using its power to get its way, by means of control and intimidation. I hope Andrew's family, friends, and the community of Roswell force the issue and seek justice.
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