City of Ashes RP ~~Players Needed~~

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  1. You wake up with no memory except your name. You don't know it, but everybody that is with you has a slight genetic mutation, but nothing about them makes them look out of the ordinary. You are in a foreign place that you do not recognize whatsoever. The city shows no signs of life. Everything is destroyed, as if some powerful force decided the place had to go. There is no trace of other people for miles. You are the only ones left. You need to find out what happened to the place, and all the other humans, or you're next.


    -PM me if you have a plot idea

    -Respect your fellow rp-ers

    -If you read the rules, please put 'City of Ashes' in the "other" section
    -BYC rules apply
    -Can't be invincible; in a battle you have to get hurt at least once
    -No extra limbs
    -If you anger me, your character(s) will lose their memories all over again, or worse!!
    -By creating a character, you are accepting to go by the above rules

    Character form:
    Name: (please no Tbrs)
    Mutation(no extra limbs, two max if they're both small ones):

    ((Just a note))
    Mutations are different than superpowers!!!!!
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  2. Name: Autumn Leigh
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Not bothered by disorder, level emotions, not afraid to draw attention to self, worry free, people loving, fearless, not apprehensive about new encounters, not easily annoyed, not a perfectionist, enjoys danger, comfortable in unfamiliar situations, anxiety free, always joking, very curious, not embarrassed easily, adventurous, flexible, trusting, easy to get to know, ready to act on the spot, outgoing, thrill seeker, not easily discouraged, optimistic, laid back, open to new experiences, slow to judge others, socially skilled, easily talked into doing silly things, willing to take risks, adjusts easily, spontaneous, relaxed, eager to soothe hurt feelings
    Mutation(no extra limbs, two max if they're both small ones): Enhanced agility, heals faster


    Other: City of Ashes
    She uses a bow and arrow, and has a stash of small throwing knives
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    Name: Sky
    Age: 17
    Gender: F
    Personality: keeps her emotions bottled up, people can rarely make her smile, let alone laugh, reserved, tends to think a lot, loves to read and learn, spends more time watching and listening than engaging in conversations and situations, tends to get irritated when people act immaturely, never takes no for an answer, very stubborn, can be rude. Kind, has a soft spot for animals, self conscious, keeps her feelings locked away and follows her instincts, doesn't let emotions cloud her judgement,
    Mutation(no extra limbs): enhanced senses (hearing, seeing. Reflexes) stronger than the average human, but not super strength. And surprisingly fast and agile.
    (Waist long, pitch black hair. Tall (5'8") and muscular. Mercury-silver eyes. Pale, milky skin.)
    Other: very good at mixed martial arts and a near perfect skill with daggers. 'City of ashes'
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  4. Karen, you don't read the rules?*gasp*
    (Sky's accepted)
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  5. Name: Cable
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Personality: sweet, trusting, understanding, brilliant, kind to everyone, patient, athletic, generally focused
    Mutation: Coordination, (Body coordination) Pain sensory (can sense if he is about to be hurt or make injuries stop hurting.)
    Other: City of Ashes
    He is completely deaf and has no fighting experience. He usually knows what people are saying because he has mastered lip reading, but he can't hear anything what so ever. His fingers and feet are extremely sensitive to vibrations and he has higher than average eyesight.
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  6. Accepted
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    Jan 20, 2014
    Little Flock AR
    Name: Silva Nightstream
    Age : 17
    Gender : F
    Personality : Strong, determined, witty. Excells in kung fu, swordfighting, and strategic thinking. She is a good actress and usually feigns weakness to an opponent, judging their motives and skills before dropping her act and attacking. She hates bloodshed but would definitely have no problem knocking someone out! She is devoutly loyal to any who befriend her and would die rather than leave them behind. Underneath her mask, she is a caring, kind young lady.
    Mutation: The ability to think super fast, able to have short bursts of incredible speed, but to much of this makes her tired fast
    Appearance : [​IMG]

    Silver hair, dark blue almost purple eyes. She is small, only 5'2" but is strong and fast for her size. Despite her ability to mask her emotions, she cannot totally annihilate the loneliness that plagues her soul.
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  8. (Um, I don't think the mind reading will work)
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    Little Flock AR
    Okay, I will change it! I didn't think that would be a problem. Any way I could alter it to make it work? I mean before I completely chose a new mutation?
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    I mean it kinda goes will with my other mutation

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