City of Roswell lost its fight to keep their chickens/Roosters.

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    The residents of Roswell Georgia lost their fight to legally own and keep their chickens after a NEW ordience was written.

    "Even after the new Roswell chicken ordinance was passed by a vote of 6-2, there was still some confusion regarding what exactly passed and how it effects current Roswell chicken owners. Here is an overview of the new Roswell chicken ordinance...

    Under 1/3 acre - No chickens allowed.

    1/3 to .99 acre - 6 Chickens

    1 acre to three acres - 12 chickens per acre (Maximum 36 chickens)

    No roosters allowed.

    If you currently live in Roswell and own more chickens than the numbers listed above, then you can keep an additional 15 chickens, but all others must be removed within 90 days. You must also get a special permit for the additional 15 chickens from the city of Roswell which is $50.00. However, as your flock decreases in number over the years due to natural deaths and other factors, you must come into compliance with the numbers listed above by not replacing the additional 15 chickens."

    I live in Atlanta...will we be next?

    My property would be less than 1/3 acre and I have 7 chickens....!

    It seems that spending tax payers money on fighting backyard chickens is more important than fighting crime? I hope voters remember this when polling day comes around again.
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    Will they be outlawing vegetable gardens and compost piles next?
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    Check state statutes on grandfathering laws.
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    May 29, 2009
    That is sad. I agree, check the grandfathering laws.
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    It's sad that for the last year the city has spent over $80,000 figuring out how to get the egg off their faces when their own city judge ruled against them.

    They had a new amnedment that allowed 25 birds and all that was left for discsussion was a grandfather clause. The night ended with most of the council not even sure what they voted on but it wasn't good. I'd tell you more but need to buy some FOR SALE signs but for more information Google "Roswell Chicken Fight or Roswell Chicken Man".

    As always!

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