City to country girl and new chicken farmher


Nov 22, 2015
Ball, Louisiana
Hello everyone!! I am new to country living. Last July, after a lifetime of living in the suburbs of California, decided to move back to my family farm in Central Louisiana. (Other folks in Louisiana?) One month later I bought 10 chicks and now we're off and running with nine hens and one surprise rooster. I modified a storage shed into a chicken coop and am building a chicken run. Prior to building the coop, I had never used a circular saw and had only used a drill to hang a picture or two. I have three Dominique, three Speckled Sussex, two Naked Neck hens, one Naked Neck Rooster, and one Barred Rock. I do have some experience with chickens. I raised two hens in my backyard in California. I love raising and caring for my chicks. Thinking about adding ducks to my flock. We also have 23 cows, three wild ducks, two dogs, and two cats. Thanks for reading and I look forward to learning and getting to know other chicken lovers on this forum.


May 23, 2015
I love chickens, and I hate living in the city. I live in California also, but it's in a residential area. We used to have a house in the country, but we sold it, because it was 6 hours away from the house we live in right know. I had 7 cats and 2 goats, but when we sold the house we had to give them away.
Very sad

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