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Feb 12, 2009
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I've sold and bought birds on CL, among other things. Always met in public places to be safe, except for 1 time. Ended up (found this out much later) she's married to a police chief, and we are now good friends, so, I think my instincts are fairly good

So I've got two roos for sale, had a guy contact me from out of town. Knows about the lines and wants to buy my roos to diversify his genetics, etc. Asks if I have any pullets to sell, I say no. Says that if I sell him a pullet, at a later date he could sell me one of his so we could both benefit from diversifying our lines. I say something noncommital, but that I will hold the roos for him, that I want him to have them.
We email a bit more making arrangements. One of his emails he asks if I have a container I don't need back, and I tell him I can get a box if needed. I give him the directions to the grocery store in my little town, where I always meet. First he was going to send his son, now he's coming himself, and says he'd like to see my broodstock if I don't mind him coming to my house. Um, I already told him that I didn't have any pullets for sale. And I do mind. I guess, being a man, he doesn't have to think as much about personal safety, and he may think I'm married for all I know. Maybe he's just eager to see my other birds, as I'd be curious, too. I love seeing other people's birds and set ups. It just seems a tad forward to push to come to my home when I already said I'd meet him at the store. I'm probably just being overly sensitive,( but have no intention of letting a stranger come to my home. )
Do you think most people are just oblivious to the safety aspect of these transactions?


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Dec 2, 2009
I dont know... I dont worry about that but maybe I should be... If you dont want him to come to your house then tell him you will meet him at the grocery store and thats it.


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Sounds to me that he is just really interested in seeing your stock for future reference. He is probably oblivious to your safety concerns. I would still say I will meet you at the store.

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I guess it all depends on how you perceive things, and where you live. I don't mind people coming to the house- they practically have to drive through "Deliverance" to get here. And I have huge dogs and attack geese.

If you think he's someone you could have a "chicken relationship" with- swapping and such- let him come to the house. See if you have a neighbor or someone that could be "visiting" when he's supposed to show up.


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Feb 12, 2009
NE Kansas
HappyMtn, you are so funny
I did think about the 'chicken' relationship' aspect
, and agree he is just probably curious to see Jean's lines; I know I would be. It's just a little odd/irritating since I told him I have no other birds for sale, and had already said I would meet him at the store. I do have my very own scary dog pack,
but won't be letting him come to my house any time soon. My dad did a good job of making me very aware of my own safety, and I'm just too paranoid now.
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Aug 25, 2008
I had a very similar experience, it did NOT go well.

He wanted one rooster. I finally caved in and let him come to my house, after he wore me down. I gave the usual cautions about clean shoes, etc. He showed up with his dog and just walked right into my pens before I could stop him, grabbed 3 hens saying I'll take these. I said no you won't, I've already told you I have no hens for sale. He kept offering me more and more money. I kept saying no, please put the birds down and leave.

Then he switched tactics, got very polite and co-operative, pointed out a rooster. Told me he'd give me big bucks for the roo and some hens. NO! Then he started some crazy stories about how he's a producer for some TV show and he'll pay me any price for some hens, no rooster. HUH? The original purpose was one Ameraucana rooster.

Meanwhile, this big guy is looming over me and keeps backing me up. I decided I was just going to have to cowgirl up. I told him no, I am not selling you any birds at any price and you are leaving my property now. Had to say it several times, meanwhile I was edging out to the front yard. He finally got it and left in a huff, peeling out. No loss there!

That night I padlocked my pens. I just really didn't like, much less trust the weirdo. After a week I didn't lock them any more. Next morning I found my big pen wide open and 13 dead chickens. Best guess was dog. I'm really careful about closing gates and doors behind me. Not saying I couldn't have left it open, but.........

Moral of the story? Trust your instincts and don't let anyone bully you.


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Mar 22, 2010
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I've been letting people come to the house after talking with them on the phone. If I had ANY doubts, I'd meet them halfway. So far I've met some pretty nice people. One set of birds I sold the person in question wanted to meet ME halfway (probably in case I was a weirdo killer
) and that was ok with me too. I always get the birds out of the pens and meet them in my driveway which is quite far away from the coops.

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