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    Most of y'all know I breed Pugs. Usually less than a hand full of puppies a year. I can sell every puppy I have in a day or so every time. So I never have ads up unless I have puppies for sale right then so my ads are up an gone in a day or two an only on one or two sites then.

    I have no ads up now but I just got a call from a person with a kid with cancer that wanted a pug. I found out that she is 5 hours away an reading an ad that makes out like I am local an have puppies now. I did a google search an found this.

    I have never been to this site but that is my number an pictures of puppies I sold in August of 2011.

    This has happened a lot the last year or two but the disappointment hit home this time so that's why I got nosey to see what was going on.

    I dont know if these sites have a person that skims sites for ads or software but anyone have any ideas for what I can post in my adds to show when this is going on?

    I was thinking something like "Warning, posted on (site) on (date). If reading this somewhere else do not trust the site you are on.

    Edited to add...

    I have also found text ads from earlier than that on other sites I have never been to both for my puppies an for cars an truck I sold years ago...
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    Add a date to your listing... 2014 litter...ready by ? date..and then when you cancel the add, change it to read that all pups have all been sold. So if there is a copy floating around, it would read the latest version.... maybe? worth a try?

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