classic pumpkins and not so classic pumpkins

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    so I snagged two regular orange pumpkins out of someone's trash and hacked them up for the girls. I then posted on facebook that if anyone had any they were trashing I would take them. Once girl asked if I only wanted halloween ones or if any decorative ones were ok? I didn't know what to answer her. I assume they could have any? I guess technically the others are mostly squash...?? I am not vegetarian in case you cant tell. Is there anything they can't have in the way of pumpkins and the like?
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    Pumpkins are a type of squash and squash are ok for chickens to eat. Ours like any type of squash, raw or cooked. The thing you might be concerned about if you get Halloween pumpkins is any type of decoration used on the pumpkins that could be harmful to your birds (like melted wax from a candle, perhaps painted decorations, etc.). And of course, you don't want to give your birds any food that is moldy or rotten.
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    I wouldn't worry about the decorations too much... In my experience, if you whack the pumpkin up (I use a machete or a corn knife, whichever is closer), the chickens will eat the seeds and pulp first, then eat the meat and leave the hull untouched. I do this with all my winter squashes that aren't nice enough to sell/eat(or half eaten by mammalian pests/ bugs etc). My chickens seem to really like the extremely prolific edible gourd cucuzza (gagootz) that my dad likes to grow.

    as far as any wax.... I'd take out what I could, and not worry too much about the rest. most waxes are not toxic and don't taste very good... the chickens won't bother with it.

    ... and painted decorations... if it's tempera paint... don't worry about it at all.... 3 year old kids have been finger painting with it since it was invented... if it's an oil or acrylic....just don't leave the empty hull in your run.
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