Classroom Hatching and Chickens 5th grade


Mar 7, 2018
Hello all!
I am very excited to have been asked to instruct an enrichment class on chickens with some of our fifth graders. We will be hatching eggs as well. I have found some great articles that I feel are on their level and we will be discussing incubation, hatching, egg anatomy and chicken anatomy. They will also be recording temp and humidity daily, candling and monitoring the incubator (with supervision). My question is has anyone ever done this and if so do you have any tips, resources or helpful information? I am also excited to say our school will be acquiring a chicken coop later in the spring. Our school received a $300,000 agricultural grant and we working on bringing ag back to our classrooms and community!


Aug 3, 2017
How awesome! My mother actually does egg hatching in her 1st grade classroom. Her kids really love it. They are actually at Day 7 right now in an incubation. They like the candling a lot however it will require a pretty good candler as the lights in the school can overpower a small candler (and you don't really want to sit in the pitch black). Another suggestion is to get your eggs locally as the breed won't matter to kids but you can get your eggs home safely (avoid shipping scrambling). Best of luck to you and your kiddos.

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