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    Greetings from the Dream Fulfilled Homestead of Chad and Michelle Everson, right here in Princeton, Minnesota.

    I would like to invite you to be my special guest on my weekly online radio show entitled Clay Oxen. Friday 2-3 PM CST

    Michelle and I love our chickens! We bought the house and with it came one hen we called Jackie and a pregnant cat we named Pumpkin. Both have been gone now for a couple years but we decided they needed some company. We have been in feathers and paws ever since!

    I am a Christian conservative Grizzly Groundswell Republican and I have a little empire online that grows inspite of myself. My wife is a lecturer at our state university and our chief chicken coop cleaner! Michelle has a knack for animals and I have a green thumb for gardens, grapes and fruit trees. We are working hard to grow our empire to afford the teams of oxen I plan to train and show off at local events.

    It is always easier to talk about someone else then myself so I need chicken lovers from all across this nation to call in and be my special guests on my show so we can talk about the life you surround yourself with. Let the nation know why you surround yourself with life and tell us your loves, solutions, best practices and obstacles overcame.

    There is a lot to talk about with chickens because with them you never need a television. Their personalities and pecking orders give us insight into our own humanity. One of the authors of Chickens in the Backyard asked me what having chickens had to do with politics. I just smiled and replied and asked if he had ever observed the chicken's pecking order? You tell me! From my observations there is a lot of politic'n going on in our backyard coops. We can learn a lot from our chicken, ducks and geese. Our pets as well, and not to mention all the scripture that has agronomy references in it. I try to be the best tender of the vineyard that I know how. Join me on the Clay Oxen and share your secrets and tips so I can be an even better one!

    We have a great time on the Clay Oxen and really enjoy a great laugh! Bring your jokes and stories.

    I have a blog where I try to update the site with my backyard flock and garden photo's. If you have some great photo's to share email me:

    [email protected]

    The blog is Clay Oxen

    I hope you join me, as a reader of my blog, a listener to the radio show and even my special guest or caller! This show is a great place where we can come together to talk about all those great things in life that make life worth living like our feathery friends in our coop out back!

    Hey, if you sell any poultry products, email me or call 763-856-5629 to talk about advertising rates and opportunities on my blog and radio show!

    Thanks for the time and I hope to call you my neighbor regardless of where your coop calls home!

    Chad Everson or ~Teddy Bear

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