CLB/Alsteirer, CLB/EE, and Chinese Hmong Cockerels

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    Hey everyone I have 2 CLB/Alsteirer Cockerels I need to sell. Both carry the CLB blue egg gene. These boys were hatched on Nov. 7th. Both are very sweet. The one with the floppy comb is the dominant over the one with the straight comb. These boys are $10 each. The CLB/EE Cockerel was hatched on Dec.3rd. He is also super sweet and does not mind being held. He is $5.00. Lastly I have a Chinese Hmong Fibro Cockerel. He is was hatched on Aug. 21st. He is super sweet, loves to jump on your shoulders or on your head. He is $30. Shipping fees are to be paid for by the buyer. Please message me if you are interested.
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