CLB over splash maran hen, BO and EE ?


Nov 4, 2017
Today is hatch day!!!
I have 15 eggs under my EE named Feather Face. She is not the mom to any of them, but hopefully will raise them as well as she has incubated them! Its her first time, and mine too!

My rooster, Brooster, is a pure Cream Leg Bar. He carries the white gene. (white cream legbar cockerel hatched from him last month-by a friend with an incubator).

For these 15 eggs-
9 are CLB over my Buff Orpington hen,
3 are CLB over my splash maran (no feathering on her legs) hen
3 are CLB over my Easter Egger who lays the bluest egg of my EE's

Can anyone tell me what coloring I should expect to see in the chicks? Colors/markings that will help me figure out who is who and even maybe hints towards gender?

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