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Cottage Chicks

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6 Years
Mar 13, 2013
East Texas
My little hens are 3 weeks old and soon much fun. They are in my art cottage in a new metal horse trough with heat lamp at night. In East Texas our days are close to 80 but nights are still cool. It's very shocking to see how fast they grow from little fuzz balls to now being able to fly a little. This week I added a couple of purchases 10 inches high and some of the gals are roosting on them. My gals are a mixed specialty variety from Mcmurray Farms. I ordered them as all hens, vaccinated and samminilla free. We lost 2 the first two days but I ordered 19 and received 23!
I'm using the standards bottle waterer but I have also used a two nipple small pail from the feed store and they took right to it. I think having plenty of fresh water and food available at all times is a key to sucess.
Backyard Chickens has been the biggest help for me,I can always find answers to my questions.

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