Cleaning barn coop walls with dirt floor?


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Jun 8, 2009
My situation is kind of odd because I originally ordered White Rocks, but (it seems) the hatchery sent me meat birds. They got big faster than I could get the barn/coop space ready! I really didn't expect to put them out in the actual coop/barn for another couple weeks. The meat birds will be fine where they are until they are butchered, but the egg layers (once I do finally get them) will need the rest of the barn.

There is algae on the back walls, so I'm not sure how to clean them. I know birds can't do mold. Is algae the same??

It also has a dirt floor so I feel like it will take a long time to dry.

Any suggestions on how to clean an area like this? I hate to use chemicals, so I don't know a lot about them.

My previous barn was gorgeous. So easy to care for. This barn is old and a little intimidating!
Algae growing on surfaces is not a hazard. However, sometimes the same conditions that produce algal growth can produce mold growth (esp. in dimmer more protected spots).

If it were me I would wipe on some undiluted bleach (just pat it on, no need to wash off, unless this is a surface you expect to be damaged by bleach). While you will need to let the bleach fumes air out, there will not be much of anything to have to 'dry', this way.

Also hunt around for any damp areas or rotty bits back behind or under things that might need to be aired out or otherwise dealt with.

It should be just fine, though, esp. if you have good ventilation (which believe me, with meaties, you will NEED, big-time)

Good luck, have fun,

For what it's worth dept. I have a coop 7'x12' with a dirt floor. I rake out hay and poop, spray down everything with 2 gal spray can with half water and half bleach. Let it sit about 30 min. Then I take my power washer and give it a good shot. Let it dry a day or two, add new hay on floor and birds are ready for thier home. Good luck. franko
Thanks! I will definitely use the bleach & water combo now that I know it's safe. The spray bottle will make it easy too!

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