Cleaning Blu-Kote from feathers in advance of show

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    Hello all. We will be entering our hens in a show for the second year in the first week of October. Months ago I sprayed the rear of one of our Light Sussex hens with Blu-Kote. The hen is very healthy now and her feathers have re-grown. The issue is that there is still Blu-Kote on some of her feathers in her rear. I would not normally care except that the show is in a few weeks and it looks like she has purple highlights. I have found Blu-Kote very difficult to remove when I get it on my hands. Any tips as to how I can remove it from her feathers?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Pluck the ones with the heaviest amount of blu-cote, and maybe try a stain remover that removes marker?

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