cleaning coop after sick bird?

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    Aug 13, 2010
    I Yesterday morning (Thurs.) one of my hens (year & a half old) was gasping for breath. I have never had a sick chicken, but many sick goats, horses, dog and cats over the years. My first inclination was to seperate her from the others. I brought her into the house & got on this forum. Saw alot of stuff about gapeworm, and respitory illness. She was gasping & stretching her neck on every breath with beak open. No shaking of the head though. she was lethargic, would not stand & had no food in her crop. There are no chicken vets in the area as seems to be the case in many places. I had a bag a duramycin & mixed some up. She easily took the liquid in between gasp of air. I started the medicene about 11am. I gave her three syringes full throughout the day, and tried to get some yogurt & applesauce down her to keep her energy level up. at 11pm tonight, I was on the couch watching a movie & I could hear her go into a tizzy. So I ran into the other room to check on her & she looked as if she absolutly could not breath & she was flapping around and falling everywhere, gasping & had her eyes closed. It was a horrible sight [​IMG] I thought she had taken her last breath & then it started all over again. this happened a couple times all in a row & was really painful to watch, as it was obvious she was fighting for air. I ended up putting her out of her misery right there, and we buried her in our garden tonight [​IMG]

    I have 7 others & I dont want them to have the same fate. I thought that I should clean the coop in the morning & give them all an antibiotic in case any of them caight the same thing. I looked on the forum for suggestions on cleaning but couldnt find any-should I use just bleach or lye-what is good or bad for my brood? There are a couple antibiotics I can give that are sold over the counter-any suggestions of what I should give the rest of the group????

    It was a very sad night

    Thanks in avance for your responses
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    Might put this under Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures. I use Oxine for my coops and DE. Good luck!
  3. So very sorry. It must have been painful to watch. Cleaning would be a good idea. We use a solution of 1 part bleach to 30 parts water for sterilizing for other animal diseases. Should be the same for chicken diseases. Best of luck. [​IMG]

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