Cleaning coop and pests

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  1. Must have some kinda pests, going to examine the flock tonite. My question is, if I am clearing out the straw bedding because of lice or mites, and it ends up only 20 feet away in my compost pile, won't they just find their way back to the chickens?

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    Quote:If you have pesticides on the chickens and in the coop, no worries. The songbirds will repeatedly bring in mites. I have my chickens on a dusting schedule every so often.

    Don't forget to retreat to get the hatching eggs.
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    The world is full of mites and lice... wild birds are everywhere, they leave 'em on your lawn etc etc. So it does not really matter where you dispose of the potentially-contaminated bedding, IMO (well obviously you wouldn't put it IN the run [​IMG])

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