Cleaning coop - got locked in again

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    Jun 27, 2009
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    (Yes, I said again. Last year when I went to move the chicks into the big coop, I accidently closed the coop door. It is only 6 feet by 4 feet at the base (with the nesting boxes) but the upper part is only 2 feet wide (still 6 feet long) and I was trying to catch a chick over all the perches when one went by me so I grabbed the door and tried to stop it with my foot (I am only 5'3" so failed) but the door closed and locked. I had to call a neighbor (luckily I had my cell phone on me) to come get me out since my husband was 2.5 hours away. So today I was cleaning this coop out to put the new babies in the coop - (they are 5 weeks old), so I was putting in the bedding when my hip hit the side of the door and it slammed shut behind me. [​IMG] I had my cell on me again so I called my husband who was up at the house. He said He had thought oh I tell her to take her phone but then no, hmm, she wouldn't do it again. She learned last year to be careful. But then I called and he just started laughing. [​IMG] Of course he came down to get me out but took my picture in the coop first. Any day that you do not have a fun story to tell is a day that is soon forgotten. So I have made a memory. Gotta laugh at myself. I gotta figure out a way to keep that door from locking so easily. Maybe a pin in the lock to block it from hooking?
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    [​IMG]I can see that happening to me.
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    Lol!!!! Omg you have my luck!!!
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    My Coop
    Ah, come one.... post the picture!
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    Post the picture....please[​IMG]

    There's a reason I have a release for the door latch accessable from inside on my coop. I'll never tell what inspired me to add the inside release....
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    I have one slightly better for you....... A couple of years ago, I was working at a customer's business and locked 3, yes THREE, sets of keys in my work van! Now, I could not have done this in the privacy of my home...... I had to do it at the local newstalk radio station. I was their main source of amusement for DAYS! I couldn't get my wife to answer the phone, so I had to break down and call a locksmith. Meanwhile, since they were talking about me on the radio, total strangers were driving up offering me bricks, rocks, hammers...... anything to break the window..... :-(

    Their news reporter was standing behind me the entire time taking LOADS of pictures.... telling me how great they would be on their website.. LOL

    Finally, the LOCKSMITH arrived! He had my door open in just about 10 minutes..... it would have been quicker, but even HE laughed at me for the first 9 minutes that he was there...... He even had to take a couple of pictures of his own to show his buddies......

    What made all of this so funny, you ask?? Well, the part I didn't mention was that I am a LOCKSMITH by trade...... my van says LOCKSMITH in 20" letters from one end of my van to the other...... Yes, the other locksmith thought it was VERY funny.... You know, it SUCKS when all of your LOCKSMITH tools are locked inside of your LOCKSMITH van !!!

    BTW.... that other locksmith was actually a very dear friend of mine. He was murdered by a 15 year old kid while working on a customer's car just a few months after this episode..... That reporter who took all those pictures? I am now SO grateful for him and his camera. He's a good friend, too... but I have to admit that I wanted to wrap that camera around his neck that day! LOL I would trade NOTHING for the pictures and memories that were made that day.
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    Lol funny stuff!
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    So how was all that free advertising for business?
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    Jan 14, 2012
  10. Firemenlovechicks

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    Oh, I got LOTS of free advertising..... Customers made fun of me for MONTHS!!!!! LOL

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